The Clean Infrastructure Fund (TCIF)

Venture debt for early-stage clean infrastructure companies

Our definition of clean infrastructure
Any mission-critical asset that helps us protect our environment and conserve our natural resources.

Our offering

For borrowers:

Simple and flexible funding

For investors:

Attractive risk-adjusted rates of return

What we look for

Target Metrics

- $500k+ annual revenue

- 50%+ annual revenue growth

- Clear path to cashflow break-even



Management  Credibility

- CEO with skin in the game

- Demonstrated track record

Business model

- Strong industry tailwinds

- Great position in value chain

- Great unit economics



Partners that appreciate our unique offering

- For borrowers: An alternate financing model

- For investors: a lower-risk way to invest in early stage businesses

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Examples of projects

EV chargers


Clean water solutions


Microgrid infrastructure

Who we work with


We vet the management team carefully.

Track record

We invest in established clean infrastructure businesses with a track record of success.

Business model

The business model must be sound.

In particular, we look for reduced counterparty risk.
  • Example 01:
    Cash flows guaranteed by a governmental entity.
  • Example 02:
    End customer is highly unlikely to default.

Interested in working together?

About us
CEO Yishi Zuo comes from an investment banking, hedge fund investing, & tech start-up background.
Sample Project
Chargelink - $85,000
Hardware + Installation of EV Chargers - San Bruno, CA
  • 1 year term with optional early payback incentives
  • No monthly interest payments, bullet maturity
  • Not tied to revenue
  • No personal guarantee needed

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